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Sun Language puzzle. 9 pictures, 9 English words. Find the Sumerian root from 4500 years ago

By Mehmet Kurtkaya, First Published on March 2, 2019

Sun Language Puzzle, 9 pictures, 9 English words. Find out what connects them by looking at the pictures and spelling the words. They all go back to one Sumerian word from 4500 years ago. No need to know anything Sumerian, Etruscan or Turkish to find the root word that is common to all these nine modern English words.

As to why and how, that's a long story that goes back to Sumerian, Etruscan and Turkish and to Sun Language in Siberia - Central Asia continuum. A story I have covered in my books.

I will provide the answer of how and why these words are connected in a future post.

Sun Language puzzle

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