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Written and Originally Posted By Dr.Metin Gunduz on October 25th, 2010


About Etruscans and their so called Orientalization period (false label) unfortunately still used today not only by Archeologists teaching archeology but all the Etruscan Museums of Italy I had visited and also UPENN museum of Philadelphia USA , in reality I believe Etruscans were not Orientalized or interested and admired the Oriental Culture some period of their history but they were actually from Orient (Anatolia) themselves – They were migrants from Anatolia to Tuscany like Herodotus had said still nobody believes him because he is named as "The father of lies" everybody thinks " ones liar always liar " but may be there is some partial truth what he claimed regarding Etruscans . But also Etruscan origin Roman Emperors –the first 5 good ones- all claimed TROJAN ANCESTRY themselves like historian Virgil`s Epic escape from Trojan war .The minted coins proudly claimed their Trojan ancestry ... The mythology of Aeneas was a Trojan hero, the son of the prince Anchises and the goddess Venus (Aphrodite). His father was a first cousin of King Priam of Troy (both being grandsons of Ilus, founder of Troy), making Aeneas a second cousin to Priam's children (such as Hector and Paris). He is a character in Greek mythology and is mentioned in Homer's Iliad. Aeneas receives full treatment in Roman mythology, most extensively in Virgil's Aeneid, where he is an ancestor of Romulus and Remus.

My opinion , Herodotus's half truth was , yes Etruscans were from Anatolia (Current DNA evidence) but they can not be Lydian people as Herodotus claimed since Lydian People of Anatolia spoke Indo-European language , Etruscans did not speak Indo-European Language but agglutinative language like Turkish as we know of and most Linguistic Scholars agree on this issue .

2007 New York Times had interesting article about the issue 3 years ago after DNA studies published and talked about Herodotus:

I would like to highlight some important issues ; First , The Trojan war epics Iliad and Odyssey written by Homer and long before him the Cyclic Epics that take origin from oral traditions all influenced Etruscans but they were more interested with the Loosing Side of the war (The Trojans) than the Greeks , Etruscans not only sympathized by the Trojans but they somehow identified by them , unbiased analysis of Etruscan archaeological artifacts(mirrors\vases\ amphora\wall paintings\bronze chariot sheets etc. will reveal this fact easily . As you know Trojan War was around 1200.B.C. almost same generation with the downfall of Hittite Empire of Anatolia , and almost 400 years of Chaos followed the downfall of Hittites so called Dark Ages of Anatolia . All people of Anatolia suffered one after another relentless raids , wars , destruction and massacres during this 400 year period after the Trojan War until around 800 B.C..

Second and most importantly The Culture of Etruscans belong to Hatti-Hittite civilization of Anatolia but no where else .The Tumulus(Conical hat) , Upwardly Curved Shoes( prevent o tumble on carpet's edge), Piacenza Liver ;religious practice of predicting the future by sacrificed Sheep's liver , Catalhöyük Symbols of Sun and Moon cycles(zig-zags) as well as Axis Mundi symbols are very familial symbols of Anatolian origin goes all the way back to Catalhöyük 7400 B.C.and Hatti civilization of Anatolia Agglutinative language speaking people , Hittites(Indo-European Speaking People created their first ever Indo-European written language around 1650 BC –Anitta Text Currently at İstanbul Archeology Museum ) later adopted –including all religious beliefs of indigent Hattians and assimilated themselves into the Hatti Culture as their own after 1650 BC . BUT Trojans city state of original Hatti civilization maintained their independence from Hittites , and maintained their own Trojan culture and their own agglutinative language until the Trojan War around 1200 BC . Which (1200 BC) is the beginning of the “DARK AGES OF ANATOLIA” downfall of Hittites fallowed Trojan War shortly around 1190 BC DARK AGES LASTED FOR 400 YEARS ..! No central authority could be established for 20 human generations in Anatolia until 800 BC ( Ionian colonies and others started slowly migrating and settling at the shores and islands of Mediterranean ..

Thirdly ; I want to point an important issue here People of all human history never established similar Religious Practices in detail by simply admiring or imitating other cultures of East (Anatolia) like Etruscans did , so called Orientalization of Etruscans as is claimed and somehow believed by most without question , because religious beliefs and traditions are part of people's culture and they carry that tradition and believes wherever they migrate . Orientalizasyon claim does not EXPLAIN tradition of Piacenza Liver and Haruspexy (Reading and foretelling the future by looking at the sacrificed sheep`s liver ) among Etruscans .. Fourth ; The writings found at Lemnos Island so called Lemnos stele (Just near by the Troya of Anatolia) very similar to Etruscan Alphabet , as you may know this fact accepted by most unbiased Linguistic scholars .(May be it was a colony of Etruscans near Anatolia...? the timing of this so called Etruscan Colony on the Lemnos Island is not that important but the obvious fact that Peaceful Acceptance of this colony just across Western Anatolian Shores nearby the legendary TROY is itself is evidence of their peaceful relationship with Anatolian kin...! long after the Trojan War .. LAST WORD AND THE CONCLUSION IN THIS ISSUE ( WHO WERE THE ETRUSCANS ) WILL BE THE BIOGEOGRAPHIC DNA STUDIES OF COURSE *( ON HUMAN DNA AND COW DNA may be others ) ...WE ARE IN 21st CENTURY - WE BELIEVE IN REAL FACTS UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE AND PURE SCIENCE AS YOU WELL KNOW NOT JUST HIGHLY POLITICIZED ARCHAEOLOGICAL GOSSIP .. PS ..I added the DNA (Biogeography research original articles below )

Dr.Metin Gunduz

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