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Ama-gi is the sign of freedom from slavery, following the first revolution in human history during Ur Kagan's (Urukagina) rule 2400BC
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Kenger, Sumerian Place Names, City names Toponyms Central Asia and Siberia

Sumerians called their homeland Kenger, Ki en Ker. They called themselves LuKengerra, or rather, LuKenger.

Interestingly, residents of a city or place in Turkey use the same "lu" not as a prefix but as a suffix. For example, Istanbul residents call themselves Istanbullu with the "lu" at the end of the word.

Sumerologist Muazzez İlmiye Cig in Sumerler Turklerin Bir Koludur speaks about a Turkish tribe still living in Central Asia by the name Kenger. Orhun scripts from the 6th century AD has two homeland regions called Kengü and Kanga.

There is a Turkic tribe named Kenger in the region of Semerkand, Keş, Buhara, and Karezmi today, as reported by Muazzez İlmiye Cig (mentioned by Dr. Yaşar Kalafat). They still name themselves kengerli. In one example of Turkic rune, Orhun scripts of Oguz Turks from 6th century AD, kengu and kanga, are named as places where they live.

Turks are a migrating people and have been so for millennia. It is possible that Sumerian Turks named their destination the same as their home. Kenger, both as a place and a people's name, exists in parts of Asia such as Kengaver in Iran.

The word Sumer also can be found in Asia. Sumerkent and Semerkand are place names in Central Asia, and Sumerula is the highest Buddhist mountain in Asian mythology, there is the Uch-Sumer mountain range in the Altai Mountains in Eastern Siberia. There are also city names like Kish and Eridu/Ordu in Turkey, as well as Central Asia.

It is impossible that Sumerian people have migrated to all these places in Asia. Not only is there nothing to suggest it nor any archaeological find to indicate it but also because Sumerians themselves migrated to Sumer from another place.

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